Sponsor your own Event


Help support our new annex by Sponsoring your own Event. You can choose the event and attend for free with up to 5 friends. Pick an event from our list or we can work with you to make a custom event. Choose from:

  • Gaming Social- You get use of our board game library and can even pick out the games we play.
  • Gaming Tournament- Pick a game and we will help set up a tournament collect entry fees and give out prizes based on number of entries. (You may need to provide game and hardware.)
  • Karaoke/Rock Band- Let us know what songs you want to sing and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • Tea Party- You can help choose the tea and treats to be served and have input on the decor.
  • Custom Event- We work with you to bring your own event idea to life (within reason)

You will receive and an email within a week of ordering your sponsorship to set up day time and event. This is for open to the public events only, we may have a cover charge for other attendees at our discretion. Date exclusions may apply. Events typically run no longer than 4 hours and no later than 11pm. Please visit the shop or contact [email protected] for questions and date availability or for private party booking. 

$50- Sponsor 1 event at our new annex.

$150- Sponsor 4 events- 4 for the price of 3.

$300- Sponsor 1 event each month for a year for 12 events total

$600- Sponsor 1 event each week for a year (excludes mondays and saturdays and certain convention weekends)


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